Custom copper and leather journal, “Doctore”.


This journal was made to order as a present for a retired doctor. There is a double buckle clasp and the caduceus on the cover was dapped out on dap bag and then riveted to the cover with #12 copper wire rivets. The cover was colored with a torch and then sealed to retain the finish. A nice brown leather was stitched on and the signatures were sewn in using a red waxed linen thread.

Copper repousee initial journal



This was a great project for an aspiring horse trainer who wanted a personalized and durable journal to jot down notes on his horses.  It is an initial journal with a double slip clasp and nice starburst stitching on the cover in a red waxed linen thread. The copper cover was worked on the anvil to create a pebbled texture that complimented the leather.  There are 9 signatures of 90 lb Canson paper for a total of one hundred and eight pages.